Music Video Notebook

Today’s initial NaCreSoMo effort failed did not pan out. I spent a bit of time playing around with Loopy on my phone, but eventually decided that without a separate mic it wasn’t worth it—it picked up itself a little too much. Unfortunately, I spent a long time jumping from song to song (my voice isn’t in great shape either…) without anything to show for it.

So, instead, I’m going to show you pages from the notebook where I keep music video scripts.

This is the most recently updated one, an idea for Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” as covered by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix. The section in the photo was the last major hole in the script, i.e. I didn’t know until this week how I wanted that part to go. Now there are only a few lines left unplanned.

This notebook, like the sketchbook I described last week, was originally a gift; it actually has a very nice message on the first page with “The Writings of Jordy R____” written calligraphically at the top. This notebook’s been in use a fair bit longer, and I’ve been using it for first drafts of stories, scripts, larger sketches, travel journaling, poems, songs, Khmer vocabulary, and of course music video plans. One thing I did was to write larger pieces from the start of the notebook, but also work backwards from the back for the shorter things. I’ve almost used up filled in the whole thing.

Most of my music video scripts are like the one for “Radioactive”, but the one for Amber Rubarth’s “In the Creases” is a bit more fun:

...because I drew little pictures for each scene

You can see how this one came out on YouTube:

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