Poem-a-Day 2015

It’s almost September, which means it’s almost time for Poem-a-Day 2015! This has been a tradition of mine for the past few years. I’ve been looking forward to this all summer.

How does this work? Every day in September I’ll be writing a new poem* and posting it on this site under the tag Poem-a-day 2015. (You might have guessed this from the name.) However, what makes this event interesting is that the titles come from you. (Yes, you!) The first 30 people to comment on this post (or on Facebook) will get to provide titles, and then I’ll let you know when your poem comes up.

*Daily works may not actually be poems. Past works have included songs, short stories, and other clever wordplay.

Last year had a very wide variety of poems produced, including the polysyllabic “From Imperceptible Amelioration to Inevitable Fragmentation” and a sedoka based on a photo rather than a title. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year will bring!