"Usan no Kaori" (Chiptune)

Back during NaCreSoMo I made several chiptune excerpts of songs from the sound novel​「うみねこのく頃に」. One of them was “Usan no Kaori”​「胡散の香り」, or “Fishy Aroma”.

Today I’m posting a full cover of that.

胡散の香り」is one of my favorite tracks from the novel, and I think it’s because it captures the spirit of the first episode very well: a suspicious, sneaky first section with “the siblings” arguing and undermining each other, and the mysterious Witch watching it all and laughing.

Check out the original for comparison (or just because it’s a cool song). You can also listen to my WIP version from March, though it’s largely the same.

If you’re interested in reading the novel (part mystery, part fantasy), you can check out the English translation site “The Witch Hunt”. Let me know, too—since it’s “part mystery” there’s plenty to discuss. I’m also happy to help if you have any troubles getting it set up.