Re: Here's The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker

[Content warning: sexual assault]

For most of my friends, this will not be the first time you’ve read something like this. Today, the point I kept coming back to was the idea that the rapist was also drunk and therefore less or even not responsible for his actions. That excuse terrifies and disgusts me, because my (secondhand) understanding of being drunk is that it lowers your inhibitions. It causes you to think things are reasonable that you might not otherwise categorize as such, or even come up with new ideas that seem like catastrophes when sober.

It would not turn you into a werewolf. It would not invent completely new desires, new actions. I am terrified and disgusted at the idea that rape is something you are inhibited from doing, rather than something that is literally unthinkable. As it is for me.

(I do believe people get to define themselves by their actions, and that if you do have these “desires” and choose not to act on them, you are not a bad person. But then controlling yourself is your responsibility, and the stakes are too high to just “make a mistake”. You too should agree that we should move to a world where nobody has these thoughts, and you should believe that it’s possible to get there because of people like me.)

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