Dogsong Variations

Last day of NaCreSoMo: getting back to the piano with Undertale’s “Dogsong”!

(audio only)

I’ll admit I’ve been saving this one, since I’ve been able to play this little tune for a while now. The original “Dogsong” was a cute little track that played at an appropriate time in the game, but wasn’t actually too memorable compared to some of the other music. But that changed with FALLEN, the remix/orchestration album I mentioned back on “Remember Me” (put together by a group called Materia Collective). FALLEN has a particular arrangement of “Dogsong” that they call the “Annoying Mix”, and, well, I can’t really describe it any better than Materia Collective member Lauren the Flute

Makes me wish I were more involved in music things to collab with people like this. Anyway, FALLEN is highly recommended for anyone who liked Undertale’s music, and Undertale is highly recommended for anyone who likes silly but sweet adventure games.

…And besides, “Dogsong” is just fun to play.

That’s it for NaCreSoMo this year. I’ll post my usual summary post in the next few days. Thanks for joining me!