"Future" (from Umineko: When They Cry)

Today’s post for NaCreSoMo is me playing “Future”, from “that visual novel” Umineko: When They Cry.

(audio only)

I could hardly get through this NaCreSoMo without making anything that came directly from Umineko, after it took over last year. One of the reasons I’ve become so attached to this thing is its fantastic soundtrack. As I said previously,

The “second credits” song for the first episode and the way it’s presented may even have been one of the top reasons I stuck around, the capstone on a series of memorable, inspirational tracks.

Future” is first introduced in Episode 5, the episode I’m currently in the middle of. I immediately dubbed it “sleepytime ‘hope’”, since it’s an arrangement of the title theme with another motif highlighted early on in a track called “hope”. “Future” might be my favorite new song from this episode.

(This is another reason why I like the Umineko soundtrack so much: there are so many songs that weave in the same motifs. This has been a favorite musical device of mine for years, so much so that I might do a post about it later this month.)

I’m not great at piano, but I still enjoy it. The extra noise in the background from my camera mic, less so.

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