"And Then There Were None" (DDLC 3)

So fickle, unstable
You’re in a pickle, are you able
To survive out in the ocean, well, of course not
Better jump out the window ‘fore you get shot

And now you’re left to atone
Although you’re the one alone
Determination won’t get you out of this one
It’s agonizing but admit it; that dream’s done

Being captive to the question
Keeps you floating in the starscape
As the shards explode, uncontrollable
I can’t believe you were actually that gullible

At what point will you see it
The cage that lets you be it
The memories decay into fantasy
The afterimage lingers; let me set you free

Cause we’re all sending smoke signals
Keep pretending we’re one
And we’re all in bubbles above the inferno
Until another one pops and then there were none

Doki Doki Literature Club did the thing, going dark and meta all very quickly. I’m a bit shaken even knowing something was coming, and so today’s poem (actually a rap, maybe I’ll record it at some point) is pretty heavily influenced by this section of the game…with some extra inspiration from Higurashi and Umineko.

(spoilers) Could I have actually done something different? Would it actually have turned out differently? Knowing that this is a metagame and that the festival was a very obvious deadline, doesn’t it have to get to this point no matter what? I suspect I’ll find out as I keep going.

But it might indicate something about me that I didn’t even try to Reset, when my character was thinking that he’d like to. Now I wonder if it really was too late, or if that was the only way out and I missed it.

Oh, and did you catch the Transistor reference? ;-)