Mitsuha (WIP 2)

Today I fixed up my drawing of Mitsuha from Kimi no Na wa:

This is way better than last week! I basically threw away most of the head and face outlines and tried from scratch…only this time, I gave up on just looking at the original and made it easier on myself.

This is the original line work, and you can see that I made her hairline start way too low. That pretty much caused most of the other problems with the previous version, mainly the eyes being too low. Even after redoing it, however, I realized that I made the face too narrow, and that was also causing problems. Right now, though, I’m leaning towards just accepting that as how this particular drawing came out and moving on. It still looks pretty good.

Apart from redoing the head and face, this version also has shadows and highlights, which at once don’t matter and also make a big difference. They’re pretty easy, too, except that I don’t have a great natural sense of where they should go yet and so I just copied the original.

The only thing really left to do in the picture is the book bag, but I might still get the urge to go back and clean some more things up before I call it “done”.

Part of NaCreSoMo 2018.