"Okay, You Two!"


And surprise, this was also what I doing that drawing of Mitsuha for, which you probably could have figured out from my comparison to the arrangement project in the first Mitsuha post, or the notes that made up “Katawaredoki” in the original screenshot for “Okay, You Two!”. There’s only a little bit of cleanup from last time, mostly in the detail on her bookbag.

As far as the “Doki Doki Arrangement Club” project goes, that’s three songs down out of ten. (The project is to make arrangements in the styles of all the songs from the first act of Doki Doki Literature Club.) What franchise should I do a song from next? Preferably a game; if not a game then preferably an anime or cartoon; if not that then I guess a movie. So far nothing’s jumped out at me for the remaining songs like these three have. (Previously: “Spaghetti Spaghetti Literature Club” and “Sa‑you‑nara”.)

Anyway, yay, I did it! And a big thank you to fellow NaCreSoMo participant Beatrice for providing the guitar part. I owe you one, Bea! (Check out her music.)

Part of NaCreSoMo 2018.