Wakaba et al (sketches)

Today for NaCreSoMo I worked a bit on Morning Glory and a bit on Memoirs of a Student, and so to have something to post I did some sketches-from-reference of characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

It’s not just you; I don’t like any of them either. The top two are supposed to be Shinohara Wakaba, the central character in Memoirs. The left one isn’t so bad except that I made her eyes too small, but the profile in the right on was a disaster. I made up for that a little with the Kiryuu Nanami in the bottom right, but then completely failed at the proportions for what was supposed to be her older brother on the lower left. The mediocre Kaoru Miki finished off the page.

I wasn’t nearly as careful with these as I was with “Fiend and Demon” earlier this month, and so it’s not such a surprise that they came out poorly. But even so, the art style for Utena has just never been my forte, and I should probably focus on other anime/manga styles instead.

Part of NaCreSoMo 2018.