Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a comedy adventure about kids who get sucked into a video game. But everyone watching it knew that was going to happen going in; we’re just there for the spectacle.

Verdict: it was fun, but it’s nothing special, and it relies on cultural stereotypes a little too much for its jokes, especially around its single black character. I do enjoy actors getting to play characters that don’t match their appearance (at one point Dwayne-The-Rock Johnson gets to gleefully cry “I’m a nerd!”), and that was probably the main draw of this movie. Well, that…

Parental Authority

I was eating lunch in a park today, and happened to sit near enough to overhear the conversation of two men nearby. One was apparently about to enter the military (probably the US Army) and was asking the other about his experiences. The other was happy to oblige, and spent some time on how leadership works in a platoon. He particularly noted how if the platoon leader is too weak or too strong, it interferes with the ability of people above and below to lead as well. (This is good general leadership advice.)

However, he described one of his previous…


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Steven Universe, a show I’ve previously described as

a TV show about a boy being raised by three alien women superheroes. It’s funny, campy, and quirky, pays tribute to video games and other shows, has amazing music (including but not limited to chiptune), and ultimately draws you in with its story and characters.

Steven Universe manages to be entertaining and often irreverant while still being incredibly wholesome and supportive of emotional health and expression, and its increasingly large cast of characters are one of the ways that it does that. Today I want to focus in on a character introduced early in Season 5: Padparadscha.