Rapid Fire Movie Reviews

Incredibles 2

Exactly what it claims to be. Exactly what I expected and enjoyed from an Incredibles sequel. If you liked the original Incredibles (or Big Hero 6), it’s worth seeing.

Aside: remember the controversy around Honey, Frozone’s wife? I agree that Pixar had a chance to actually introduce her and they missed it, and even fumbled the explanation, but her “appearance” in Incredibles 2 is as short as it is in the first movie, which made it not even feel like a running gag. If it were a running gag, I’d be much more upset.

Ocean’s Eight

Fun heist movie, but a little lackluster for me. I think I would have preferred things to go a little less smoothly, or to have more actual conflict between the characters. The (nearly-)all-women aspect is fun too, but not so much that it changes the movie drastically for me (cf. Black Panther). We’ll see how the Nyong’o / Rihanna heist movie turns out.

(I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen the original, Ocean’s Eleven, so my point of comparison is The Thomas Crown Affair, which is a very different movie.)

The Lego Movie

Wreck-It Ralph did it better.