Flexible Identities in git

The current leading revision control system for source code, git, records a user’s name and email for all time by default. I wrote about getting around that, for people who want to retroactively change their name, on my programming blog.

Movie Review: Parasite

Parasite is a heist movie. A heist-goes-wrong movie. A heist-goes-grisly movie.

And nearly all of it is hilarious. Cutely hilarious, cleverly hilarious, darkly hilarious.

Parasite is the story of a smart-but-poor family who manage to parlay a part-time job recommendation into employment for all four of them, in service of a rich family with a beautiful house. What starts as fudged credentials turns into a full-on con job and infiltration mission, the same sort of thing you’d see in, well, a heist movie. But then it doesn’t stop: the universe throws a few curveballs, and the family ends up in some very uncomfortable situations—some humorous and some deadly serious.

Introducing the Game 'by Color

I kept going with the ROSE-8 project from last month, all the way to a system that could display graphics and receive real-time button presses, and thus play games. There have also been some other posts on my programming blog. Check it out!