Movie Review: The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a campy sci-fi film that’s half action movie and half comedy of errors. It takes a while to get started and doesn’t really make sense, but if you just go with it it can be pretty fun. The characters are basically Bruce Willis As Han Solo, Ms. Born Sexy Yesterday, Priest Who Always Wanted To Be Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a horny flamboyant TV show host literally named “Ruby Rhod”, with a special appearance by Southern Tony Stark as the villain. (Southern Tony Stark was definitely my favorite part of the movie.)

Review: Danganronpa

The premise: you and fourteen other students are locked into your high school building, and you’re all told you have to kill one of the other students in order to be let out. Moreover, you then have to get away with it in a Mafia-style murder trial. The protagonist would never kill anyone, of course, but that isn’t going to stop some of your fellow classmates…

Danganronpa is a detective-style game where you have to both solve the mystery of the school and the “killing game”, while also solving the mystery of each murder as it happens. It has a “psycho pop” aesthetic of bright, flashy colors, bizarre animations, and comic relief, despite its grim premise. And the widely-agreed-upon cleverest/best localization for the title is “Bullet Proof”, with a close runner-up being “Shooty Refuty”.