XZ Gon' Give It To Ya

Last Friday the internet was rocked with the discovery of an exploit in xz-utils that was not only well-put-together technically, but also an example of extremely effective long game social engineering. I could share my opinions, but the takes I’ve seen have actually been fairly nuanced and thoughtful, if (justifiably!) pessimistic, from people with more experience and more familiarity than I have.

So instead I made this.

I wasn’t up to performing this one, but this is still in the series I started many years ago of “computer security exploit song parodies”.

Run-time Polymorphism in Swift

This has come up several times on the forums over the years, but I’ve never written it up in a standard place, so here it is: There are only three ways to get run-time polymorphism in Swift. Well, three and a half.