A Portrait of the CS61A Student

Running in loops, until they reach the base.
Applying their skills (but never normally).
Worried about how soon this problem might grow.

But our Order is Higher, our data Abstract.
Our programs d-directed and our messages passed.
We are STk, we interpret what we see.
We shape our own world with OOP.

Playing it safe with pair mutation.
Practicing with vector rotation.
Confused by dotted-tail notation.

Streams out to infinity.
Broadcasting Rick Astley.
Counting up our Beatles tunes.
And serializing everything.

Analyzing the prospect of the metacircular evaluator
and deciding to be Lazy instead. (Or ambivalent!)
After all, it’s a Logical thing to do.

We all play blackjack, look like the wave-man, go on adventures, and have our own Logo.
We use lists for lambdas and lambdas for lists, closures for continuations and cons for kv-pairs.
We stay in Soda Hall with our ID card as our key.
We buy potstickers at Dim Sum for Brian Harvey.
We are CS61A.

Part of NaNoWriMo Penance. Title donated by Eric K.