"City Hall"

This a song I picked up within my first month of teaching myself basic guitar. It’s almost in my range (in the key of G), it’s by my favorite artist, Vienna Teng, and it’s pretty easy to play, so it’s stuck around in my repertoire since November. And since we moved to our new house I’ve wanted to record something out on the balcony…I feel like a post-college musician in New York or something when I play out there.1

So in light of recent events, here’s my version of Vienna Teng’s “City Hall”.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

Lyrics (with a new second verse):

Me and my baby on a February holiday
Cause we got the news, yeah we got the news.
Five hundred miles and we’re gonna take it all the way
Got nothing to lose, we got nothing to lose.

Been ten years waiting, but it’s better late
Than the “never” we’ve been told before.
I can’t wait one minute more.

Oh, oh, oh,
Me and my baby driving down
To a hilly seaside town in the rainfall.
Oh, oh, oh,
Me and my baby stand in line
You never seen a sight so fine
As the one that’s gonna shine at City Hall.

Me and my baby, well, we’ll stick it out till the end
Cause our love just grows, ever since we said “hello”.
Seen a lot of folks that we once counted as our friends
Turn their backs and go, so we turned to go.

It’s been ten years and then some, cause people go and get some
Strange ideas that it’s about them.
Why can’t it all work out in the end?


Outside they’re handing out donuts and pizza pies
For the folks in pairs, in the folding chairs.
My baby’s looking so damn pretty with those anxious eyes
Rain-speckled hair, and my ring to wear.

It’s been ten years waiting for this moment of fate
When we can say the words and sign our names.
If they take it away again some day
This beautiful thing won’t change.

Chorus x2

  1. Unfortunately, at night the mosquitos are pretty bad, so I usually just stay in my room. ↩︎