Living in a Dreamworld

Peel back the city walls
Look behind the paper trees
Don’t be fooled by stormy seas
Glittering towers or ancient halls

Listen through the background hum
The voices of the everyday
What if it were stripped away
Would the silence ever come?

Sisters, brothers, husbands, wives
Automata and mannequins
Covered by a lay’r of skin
As they go about their daily lives

As outside stays a place we cannot see
The dream is indistinguishable from reality
But giv’n the chance to peer beyond that door
Perhaps ‘tis better to be satisfied
Than to convince oneself the dream has died
And ever after still be wanting more.

In some sense this poem is the flip side of my earlier “Romancer of Reality”, which is turning out to be one of my favorites this month. As I was writing “Living in a Dreamworld”, it became more and more like a short story I found on the Internet once…which I can’t seem to find again. A dark programmer/gamer slant on solipsism. Ah, well.

Part of Poem-a-day 2012. Title donated by Abby P.