"Love The Way You Lie"

I got to see Skylar Grey in concert this weekend, although really we went to see morgxn, a musical theatre actor turned electro-pop artist. One to watch for sure.

Anyway, Grey’s new stuff isn’t really my thing, but she’s also the writer of the original version of “Love The Way You Lie”, a song that managed to stick with me despite being uncomfortable subject matter. (You can find her version listed as “Part III” to Rihanna’s “Part II”.) So today I have a new guitar cover.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

Or rather, guitar and glockenspiel. I’m not doing anything amazing with the glockenspiel yet (though I’ve snuck it into a few recordings), but it is still very fun to have. This was mostly just fooling around in-key, but I think it definitely livened up what would otherwise have been a pretty standard four-chord recording.

I’ve actually talked about “Love The Way You Lie” before: three years ago I posted a song called “Promise” that was heavily inspired by it. I think it actually holds up pretty well, especially since I can see I cut a few corners in today’s mix. (For instance, I’ve learned not to take video anywhere near my window, because it washes everything out.)