"Love from the Linden Tree"

Happy holidays, everyone! I threw this recording together for you guys: another foreign song turned English and acoustic. Some of you might recognize this one…take a listen and see if you can figure it out. I’ll try not to spoil it.

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

Lyrics (written by me, based on the translation at LyricsTranslate.com):

Hello, hello, it’s me, an outlaw
But please, my love, I just want to wish you happiness
Hello, hello, it’s me, your Picasso
I just called so I could say
Don’t worry, I am strong and I’ll be okay.

You say it’s over and you’re leaving without me.
Leaving without me.
You’re leaving without me.
The first and last love from under the linden tree.
Your face and eyes are all I see.

I call, to tell, you how, I feel
Hello, my love, it’s me, the one who was your happiness
Hello, hello, it’s me again, your Picasso
I just called so I could say
Don’t worry, I am strong and I’ll be okay.


This song has a strong place in my generation’s internet culture, but of course it’s a perfectly good song on its own…sorta. I first came to it not through the most famous video but in Japanese class. Eventually I looked up the translation, and while it turns out it’s a serious song (sorta), it still didn’t entirely make sense. So this translation is what I think is going on, while trying as usual to keep as much of the original intact as possible.

In my version, “an outlaw” is supposed to mean “someone cast out from your heart”. I have no idea if that’s what the original artist was going for; I’ve seen a couple different translations of that line.

Still, it’s an easy song, it was fun to make, and I hope I trolled at least some of you. Enjoy!