Yeah, I’ve come out of the closet and I’m onto the street
For the brisk Francisco weather I just can’t be beat
Got the best quality and I will not be forgotten
When you see my tag you’ll know I’m a hundred percent cotton.

All the other jackets, they can’t compare with this
I’m heading out and everybody’s staring at this
No stains, no rips, no dirt off my shoulder
I’m getting fresher and cleaner while you’re just getting older

Like Temba, arms wide, and you better believe
Besides you I got nothing up my sleeve
Slip me on, we’ll be gone, and whatever tomorrow brings
You’ll be safe with me, baby, so pull my strings

But that’s a lie
Don’t even try
Cause you wearing a hoodie
Don’t think you’re gonna die.

Cause that hole in my chest is in his family’s hearts
I’m ripped but he’s shattered, it’s all falling apart
So stand up, get it on, and don’t throw me away
That’s how to make sure we don’t get stuck on replay
Cause mud and dirt washes out, but the blood is to stay.

I feel a bit bad for promoting the rapper/hoodie stereotype. (This is totally a rap.)

Part of Poem-a-day 2012. Title donated by Roger K.