Another original guitar song from me. If I remember correctly, this was (mostly) written in an airport.

A while back I got stuck on Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie Pt. II”, in my opinion a much better treatment of the material in “Love The Way You Lie”. I later found out that the song was written by Skylar Grey; her inspiration was an “abusive relationship” with the music industry. The original demo has the same lyrics as Rihanna’s “Pt. II”, but it doesn’t have the rap bridge, which is one of many things that give it a more stark feeling than “Pt. II”. I can’t decide which one I like better—even though I’m not normally a rap person, I feel like Eminem’s appearance does contribute to the shape of the song.

(Part I is famous—or infamous—for Eminem’s best/worst pun: “I guess that’s why they call it window-pain”.)

The last guitar entry for NaCreSoMo was high school me trying to imitate Linkin Park; today’s is young-adult-me trying to emulate Rihanna and Eminem. Yes, that’s right: I have a rap too. (Which I wrote today, actually, making it part of the “create” in NaCreSoMo.)

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you might want to download the audio instead.

Far from perfect, but after several takes of both the guitar/singing and the rap, it just wasn’t getting better. (I think I probably annoyed the heck out of my flatmate, especially after trying and giving up on a different song.) I probably should have practiced more, wordsmithed the rap a little better, but this is NaCreSoMo and rough cuts are totally valid.

I guess this is appropriate after Josephine (Intake) posted a link to “The Rapper’s Flow Encyclopedia”, an analysis of four rappers’ characteristic rhythm/rhyme devices, and then Ferrard (Carson’s Creative Corner) made a post called “Rhyming” for NaCreSoMo. On the other hand, I disregarded plenty of Robert’s (Arel’s) advice, from his comment on “Shikata”. I need to sit down and think about my technique a little, but today I continued to use the pick as a crutch for “loud”. I think I also have particularly twangy strings.

Re: the rap: I need to really shout/scream. Next time I’ll wait until the apartment is empty. I don’t have much experience with rap…oh, wait, maybe I do. I’m just not good at it yet.

As for the content…well. This is something that is very important to my higher-level consciousness, even though none of it applies to me personally. At the same time, though, I’m aware of how these concerns can just get paged out, because they’re not directly affecting my life. And I’m caught in the arrogance of trying to write from this perspective at all, because it’s not at all mine in real life. Even though my grandparents do have some claim to this, I don’t.


I heard this was a land of promise
That here you’d follow your dreams
I believed I had found something better
But this life’s not what it seems

Cause what you see when tourists come
It’s not that it’s a lie
Success exists, we just can’t find it
With so many ways to die

This is the world that we live in
This is the truth we could see
This is the hope we’ve been given
There’s no limit on what you can be.
But that’s not the way the real world works
There’s not equality
And we all have to fight if we want to make it
This reality, this reality.

They say you can be anything
That freedom is your right
And it’s all true; no one can take that from you
If you’re upper-middle, straight, male, and white

So you get turned down, you get passed over
Another door’s closed in your face
And the message in the false apology
Is that the dream is not yours to embrace.


Back home I was a paramedic
And now I drive a car
You’ll never get into college
Even though you’ve come so far
Living month-to-month on minimum wage
Every day you’re nickeled and dimed
You’ll never be cast as the hero
Cause your face doesn’t look like mine.

The culture that we live in
Makes us afraid to speak
She’s not fit to be a leader
The hormones make her weak
You can change your persona
But your face is drawn in ink
He can’t be with the man he loves
Because of what others think


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