Writer's Folly

I think I’m gonna write a story
Something fantasy
It will not bore like Richard Cory
or the Odyssey

I was going to look at real novels
for ideas to use, then
I got a bit distracted
reading Eragon again

But I finally started writing
You can look at what I’ve got
I finally got a title
and I’ve almost picked a font

Off we go, then, writing
I’m slightly stuck today
I’ll add an ancient curse or something
In prologue, it’s OK

The main character will be a girl
or a woman from the blue
Smart and reckless, clever and funny
Oh yeah, she’s modest, too

And of course she’ll need companions
Probably all men
A mage, a warrior, and a healer
Why not use that again?

And they’ll start in nowhere town
Doing nothing for a bit
And somehow then they leave the town.
A magic sword! That’s it

Add in an evil emperor
With wrinkly face and skin
Toss in some words of power
Have elves show up within

Wise old dragons who can talk
A shadow ‘cross the land
All takes place, one continent
Woes of the little band

And punctuation doesn’t matter
Words can be spelled wrong
All I do is run the spell-check
Before it gets too long

And wait, didn’t he have blue eyes
Just in the last scene?
Why is there even love here when
one character’s skin is green?

I think it’s going pretty well
Just look at what I’ve got
I think the story’s almost done!
Now all I need’s a plot