"Colorless Sneer"

Backing:「金色嘲笑」(“Golden Sneer”) from that sound novel Umineko: When They Cry. Lyrics and vocals by me; additional background vocals from Alex L and Wilson L. Drums provided by GarageBand.

Further reading: Supporting the Transgender People in Your Life, from the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Some inspiration from Fong Tran’s “Don’t Be An Activist”.

Now let me lay this out for you crystal clear
Cause not everybody understands what’s going on here
We’ve got people tied up with imaginary fear and that’s what’s
Causing real pain, real blood, real tears, now
Let me start with a familiar story
Got a dominant group, a much smaller minority
And the former’s begun proscribing life for the latter
Sending signals aplenty that their existence doesn’t matter
There are some who believe, but the leaders in the state
Are most often those looking for a target to hate
They’re the ones on the side wearing colorless sneers
Arms crossed, leaning back as they listen to the cheers, going

(ba ba ba…)
Can you hear it can you hear it
(ba ba ba…)
As it happens again now
(ba ba ba…)
Can you see it can you see it
(ba ba ba…)

So you say you’re telling me it’s not normal
You wanna be biologically formal
Well please update your state of knowledge that relates from grade school level
’fore you deign to condescend to us mortals
The real truth is they’ve been here forever
They threw the first brick and stood together
And like anyone else, they’re snarky, funny, goofy, clever
Passioned, talented folks full of insight, and I don’t ever
Want to stand and watch anything bad happen to these people
Who are people like all of my other friends
To single them out like this is to do them a disservice
These rights are human rights and right now should be the end of it.
But what gets me is the group that could be helping, could be there,
But instead say “that’s a shame” and just go on without a care
Standing off to the side wearing colorless sneers
With their eyes squeezed tight and their fingers in their ears, singing

(ba ba ba…)
And it all goes down like
(ba ba ba…)
With a bang or a whimper?
(ba ba ba…)
It’ll all be fine, right?
(ba ba ba…)

Is this coming in harsh? Is it chilling or freeing?
Your guilt’s not what I’m after but incentive to seeing
That there’s something you can and should be doing, we’re agreeing
Though our lives may be digital we’re not binary beings
And it should matter to you all as our own friends and relations
Pin their hopes on the administration’s new injunction against this legislation
How long before registration’s a sin we should have left
In the twentieth century nations
With the suicide hotline up 100%
There’s no time to be wasting on this kind of dissent
This is one in every two hundred people we’re talking about
And their lives shouldn’t be political currency to be spent
These are people, real people, and you know them already
You’ve just never thought about it cause your world isn’t ready
But that leads to real homeless, unemployment, depression
It’s unacceptable if that all just continues on steady
So tell me what someone like me can do with this feeling
As eyes open wider getting bloodshot and bleeding
Once you know what’s going on there’s no un-seeing, retreating, being
Horrified is hard can I go back to believing
And so you see me getting mad from time to time
Posting pleading imprecations1 over obvious crimes
But I can’t keep it up, is it cause it isn’t mine?
Watch me throw some helping money and just step into line, singing

(ba ba ba…)
We like marionettes, y’all
(ba ba ba…)
And it all goes down now
(ba ba ba…)
Do you feel those regrets, y’all?
(ba ba ba…)

  1. In the recording I said “implications”, which isn’t really correct at all, but “imprecations” isn’t much better. I think I was going for something like “implorations”, but that doesn’t flow as well. ↩︎