This story has been in progress for a long time — a little over 20 months! For the most part I had great fun writing it, and it was an interesting way to keep in touch with the randomness of Speech and Debate even after I graduated. It was not supposed to take this long.

I will admit that there were some characters and dynamics that were more fun than others (Edward vs. Elaine was particularly fun to write). It’s also a bit silly to try to include two dozen characters in a single story and make over a dozen…


The world faded back to white, and Flora opened her eyes.

They floated in a world of color and light, and yet no color could be discerned. There was an ancient echo of echoes in the air, of the great speeches of the past, and yet no words could be made out.

The dust and grime of the battle had faded from their clothes. Fortunately for the PG-pushing-13 rating of the story, the clothes themselves remained.

Richard stood up, though there was nothing to stand up on. “Where are we?” he said, and his voice fell dead with no…

Chapter 28: The End of the End

“No!” Elaine cried as the dragon’s conclusion came to a glorious and terrible end. She fell to her knees, their argument shattered.

Edward, ashen-faced, glanced around the room. The group was in terrible shape, with not one of them managing to really score any significant points on the Hahr Kerr. Nearly everyone had tried and failed. There was even an actual cut or two, just for verisimilitude.

It was only Gordon, Richard, and Kushal left.

Gordon shrugged, and stepped brightly forward. “Hey, Mr. Dragon!” he called, as cheerily as he could manage. “Remember the time we all sat around and…