Chapter 8d: Flora

Note: You must read this out loud if at all possible; otherwise, read it with voices in your head. A British accent is not unwelcome here.

FLORA Then why, I say, has Christine not returned?
IVY I think she said she really had to go...
PERSIA Oh look, you guys, she's over there with Fritz.
FLORA Then let's go meet her. Where to after that?
PERSIA Oh, hi, Christine.
CHRISTINE Oh, hi, Christine. Oh hi, where were you guys?
FRITZ Christine was just telling me 'bout her quest.
CHRISTINE That's right and just before that he of his.
I think the omni-whatsit's very cool.
FRITZ It is too bad that I won't find him here.
PERSIA Or her. What is it, Fritz?
FRITZ Or her. What is it, Fritz? I don't quite know.
I only know that someone should exist
Who has the power, if I have not missed
To know of everything (on every list)
And I must find that person. (I insist!)
PERSIA Your rhymes doth grate mine ear. So please desist.
IVY I had idea not Fritz was amiss.
CHRISTINE But how is it you know the theorem's true?
FRITZ Enough about me then! Uh, on to you.
CHRISTINE I still have seen no hint of Avatar.
Stray from the Tournament they would not far.
Able to grant my wish, I'm sure they are.
IVY This day is really turning out bizarre.
FLORA So what, Christine, are we to do right now?
JIN I saw something, uphill across the town.
CHRISTINE You scared me, Jin! I did not see you there.
JIN As usual. But that is quite all right.
I did see something; should we check it out?
CHRISTINE It sounds good—
FLORA It sounds good— But the round is starting soon!
CHRISTINE Oh yeah, that's right. We'll go, then, afterwards.
JIN All right, I guess that I can live with that.
IVY The round will start; no time to stay and chat.
Hey, Flora, look, I just found someone's hat.
Exeunt all except for Flora; pause
FLORA The air of Tournament seems very light.
And yet I feel something's not quite right.
We may soon find ourselves in desp'rate plight.
Will Christine find a talent? Yea, she might...
Exit Flora, running out of sight.