"The Fighter"

I’ve posted twice before about a music video I’ve been working on, first revealing some stills from a shoot nearly a year and a half back, then a glimpse of the editing process a few months ago. The song—which was hinted at in the URLs for those posts—was Alex Wong’s “The Fighter”.

It’s finally done.

"Motion Sickness"

NaCreSoMo Day 27: A quick cover of “Motion Sickness” by The Paper Raincoat, the duo of Amber Rubarth and Alex Wong. I wasn’t expecting to do a guitar cover today, but the song came into my head while I was walking outside and I decided…why not?

Snapshots from Editing

Today for NaCreSoMo I worked on that music video I’ve been on-and-off making for…maybe a year and a half, now. There have been some line-up changes since last time I posted about it on this blog; fellow NaCreSoMo participant Jeffrey ended up dropping out of the cast with too many other responsibilities, and another friend, James, has taken his place with aplomb.