Movie Review: The Witness

On the flight back from Singapore I caught a (relatively) new Chinese movie, 《我是证人》, known in English as The Witness. The plot: the protagonist, Lu Xiaoxing, is a police academy dropout who realizes she was present during a kidnapping. The twist(s): She dropped out because she was blind, and she’s blind because she was in a car crash, and her brother died in the crash.

Oh, and well-known singer/dancer/celebrity Lu Han (formerly of EXO) is in it too, if you’re into that.

Red Big Ball

Part of NaCreSoMo, because this is what interested me today.

Today at lunch my coworkers and I were talking about languages, a topic that will always interest me. One coworker passed along a particular example of a language quirk that I hadn’t really thought about before:

You can say “big red ball”, but you can’t say “red big ball”.

Say what? In American English, at least, the “big” really can’t go after any other adjective.

"I can rap in English!"

Act Cool” is a rap song co-written and performed by Wonder Girls member Lim. I am not usually a hip-hop fan, so the first several times I heard the song (particularly its repetitive intro with that particular slurry synth I hate), I was pretty uninterested, often to the point of skipping it. One line in particular jumped out to me each time I listened through, though:

~~~~~~~~~ I can rap in English.
~~~~~~~~~ Speaking foreign language.

And each time it made me cringe a bit.