"Animated" Sorting Algorithms (in Swift)

It’s the last day of NaCreSoMo! I had fun with the last ASCII art program, so I decided to do another one. This one’s a friend to beginning computer science majors everywhere: it animates sorting algorithms.

Movie Review: The Imitation Game

Graham Moore’s The Imitation Game tells the story of famous mathematician Alan Turing and his work on cracking the Enigma cipher used by the Nazis in World War II.

Turing is an incredibly important figure in the field of computer science; along with Babbage and Lovelace you could very well say he invented it. Of course he invented it to make statements about mathematics (for a fun look at this area of math, see Logicomix) and therefore is also considered a famous mathematician. And finally, he’s known for being forced to take estrogen by the British courts to…

I am a tree, you are a bee

I am a tree, you are a bee
Let’s have fun with polysemy.

I am a tree, you are a bee
The third is the farmer who owns the property
I take the farmer; they leave with me
You are a bee.

I am a tree, you are AB-
Testing the implementations of me
Red-black or array-based (always binary)
I am a tree.

I am a tree, you are a “be”
You head the predicate infinitively
I contain the whole sentence inside of me
You are a “be”.

IM a tree, you are a bee
Busy enough to send messages…