How to Play LINGO!

The other day I came up with a word game literally in a dream, though it’s simple enough that it’s probably been done before. I called it “LINGO!”, a word that’s about words and that also sounds like “bingo”.

Future Sight

This morning I was dreaming that I was watching my brother make a song in GarageBand. One of the tracks was too low, even though the volume was most of the way up. “It should definitely go higher than this…” he said as he turned it up the rest of the way—


—and a big crash of noise came out through the computer speakers. And then I woke up.

There’s construction going on on the roof here, so it’s not a surprise that there was a sudden blast of noise. What I wonder is, how did my brain know…

Spokes: A Math Problem

Last night I had a dream that one of my friends had a pair of bike wheels, and asked me a question:

“Which of these two wheels has more spokes?”

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