How to Play LINGO!

The other day I came up with a word game literally in a dream, though it’s simple enough that it’s probably been done before. I called it “LINGO!”, a word that’s about words and that also sounds like “bingo”.

Majora's Mask in the 2020s

I was reminded recently how Majora’s Mask, a game from 2000, is my favorite Zelda story, if not necessarily my favorite Zelda game. Part of this is certainly nostalgia: I have memories trading off at a friend’s house on the road to Snowhead before my parents let us have console games. But there’s more to it than that.

(Content warnings for discussion of Recent Events as well as minor spoilers for Majora’s Mask).

Review: Danganronpa

The premise: you and fourteen other students are locked into your high school building, and you’re all told you have to kill one of the other students in order to be let out. Moreover, you then have to get away with it in a Mafia-style murder trial. The protagonist would never kill anyone, of course, but that isn’t going to stop some of your fellow classmates…

Danganronpa is a detective-style game where you have to both solve the mystery of the school and the “killing game”, while also solving the mystery of each murder as it happens. It has a “psycho pop” aesthetic of bright, flashy colors, bizarre animations, and comic relief, despite its grim premise. And the widely-agreed-upon cleverest/best localization for the title is “Bullet Proof”, with a close runner-up being “Shooty Refuty”.