"Morning Glory" and Knox's Decalogue

Today was the third meeting of the writing workshop group I’m now in. It’s a wonderfully varied group, with everyone writing very different pieces and yet still managing to provide what seems like useful feedback. I can’t wait for one of the pieces we workshop to get published somewhere.

So far the only thing I’ve brought to the group myself is “Years Later” from 2015, but I’d really love to figure out how to bring Morning Glory—not because I want to publish it, but because I think writing at length is where I’m most interested in improving…

What's the Longest Kanji?

Earlier tonight my flatmate jokingly asked if there were any kanji that had seven-kana readings, so that he could write a haiku that was just one character per line. I suspected the answer was no, but of course couldn’t say for sure. However, the longest kanji-readings I know are cases like かみなり, where a compound Japanese word (かみ + り) just happened to have a single corresponding Chinese character. Since most non-compound Japanese words are 1-3 kana long, it would be very hard to get to seven in a single kanji.

Old Happened

Millions of centuries, millions of stars
Drought in California, water on Mars
Computer in your pocket, computer on your wrist
Global warming, earthquake warning, struggling to exist

40-inch TV now swapped for the 5
Both polio and pandas soon no longer still alive
America the conqueror, America the free
Black Lives Matter, housing debt, and me

A lot of things changing, not all of it good
But there’s not an establishèd way that it should
So take you what comes, and then come what may
Watch the light ever dawning upon a new day.

Bonus haiku:

Count by days,…