Phones and Photographs

(Dinosaur Comics) Well, I don't know about felt either, but if I ever
need to, it's all there online. Treat the internet like offline storage
waiting to be loaded into your active memory, and there's not much you
can't potentially know! / That's a great way of looking at it! I'm a
cyborg and the internet is part of my GIANT BRAIN!...What the heck, my
giant brain has been down for like THREE HOURS!! This might be...THE

Often times people will decry the loss of basic math skills, thanks to the widespread use of calculators, or basic knowledge, thanks to the easy accessibility of the Internet. To some degree these are both true, and to some degree it is also true that, yes, you can get away without memorizing facts and being good at mental or paper arithmetic in the modern world, and not be a worse person for it. (Take it to its logical progression, though, and you get…“The Feeling of Power” by Isaac Asimov. Don’t worry, it’s short.)

What worries me, though, is…

The '30s

Had a thought recently. When someone mentions “the ’30s” (or “the thirties”), what do you think of? The Depression, Hoover and FDR, Chinese revolution, WWII?

Well, in twenty years, it will be the ’30s.


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