Flexible Identities in git

The current leading revision control system for source code, git, records a user’s name and email for all time by default. I wrote about getting around that, for people who want to retroactively change their name, on my programming blog.

Setting up gitweb on Shared Hosting

Since the most popular source code host, GitHub, supports ICE, I wrote about hosting source code myself on my programming blog.

Re: On Facebook

A few weeks ago I added a new feature to my blog: “external link posts”. This feature matches sites like Daring Fireball (a tech blogger who might predate the word “blog”) and I intend to use it a little like micro.blog, mostly for linking to things I do that live on other sites. You can see an example of this with “Dreams of Strife and Skaia”, though really the intention is that you’d never need to click into a post like this. Maybe the November index shows it better.