Movie Review: Parasite

Parasite is a heist movie. A heist-goes-wrong movie. A heist-goes-grisly movie.

And nearly all of it is hilarious. Cutely hilarious, cleverly hilarious, darkly hilarious.

Parasite is the story of a smart-but-poor family who manage to parlay a part-time job recommendation into employment for all four of them, in service of a rich family with a beautiful house. What starts as fudged credentials turns into a full-on con job and infiltration mission, the same sort of thing you’d see in, well, a heist movie. But then it doesn’t stop: the universe throws a few curveballs, and the family ends up in some very uncomfortable situations—some humorous and some deadly serious.

Red Big Ball

Part of NaCreSoMo, because this is what interested me today.

Today at lunch my coworkers and I were talking about languages, a topic that will always interest me. One coworker passed along a particular example of a language quirk that I hadn’t really thought about before:

You can say “big red ball”, but you can’t say “red big ball”.

Say what? In American English, at least, the “big” really can’t go after any other adjective.

"Come Back Home"

It’s about time for another 2NE1 cover! This is their new song “Come Back Home”. Welcome back, 2NE1!