I’ve had an extraordinarily lucky life.

Since leaving Cambodia, I’ve been travelling around visiting friends and family, seeing shows…and interviewing for jobs. Probably the most important thing has been living with my immediate family (parents, brother, and dog), who moved to the east coast about when I left for Cambodia. But it’s time to get my life moving forward again.

Starting after Memorial Day, I will be joining Apple Inc. I will be working on the Clang compiler, an open-source, high-quality compiler frontend for C, Objective-C, and C++.

My interest in Clang began with its static analysis engine,…


During my last semester I had a tentative plan to go somewhere, probably Japan since I speak Japanese. To put it euphemistically, this turned out to not be a good year to go to Japan (AND I HOPE THAT WILL SOON NO LONGER BE THE CASE).

Instead, going off of a suggestion from a friend, I started looking for other volunteer opportunities in East Asia. Why East Asia? No particular reason, but I’m more familiar with the languages and the cultures, and I had to limit my search somehow.

In any case, the point was not to go to…

After Graduation

A lot of people have asked me what I’m doing after graduation. Actually, you could say that’s the hot new question—or the new “nice weather, huh?”. It’s just what you ask people who are graduating.

I don’t know.

But I have an idea. During the semester I’ve been super-busy, or at least felt like it, and I’m not good at planning ahead in general. So I haven’t really done anything yet about this summer, or next year, or Life.

But I did decide that I want to go to Japan. Not as a tourist—I’ve done that—but to actually live there…

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