Swift on Mac OS 9

For April Fools’ this year, I got Swift running on Classic Mac OS. You can read more about it (and see screenshots!) on my programming blog.


Sixteen wide by just twelve tall
Can you believe they were once that small?
Tiny glyphs for tiny screens
Black and white, to set the scenes

For worlds to come, what brave unknown
And how the little pics have grown!
1-9-2 too small to see
With 2x, 3x density

Today, none would ever think
To outline squares in virtual ink
A full-sized image, in full color too
That is what it means to you
That is what we’ve all come to view

And how curious it is, the Mac
Once the first, now pushing back
Against the colored squares,…

Anti-Predictions for Next Year's OS X Release

  • OS X Gilroy
  • OS X Death Valley
  • OS X Hollywood Blvd.
  • OS X Donner Pass
  • Xderloin