Majora's Mask in the 2020s

I was reminded recently how Majora’s Mask, a game from 2000, is my favorite Zelda story, if not necessarily my favorite Zelda game. Part of this is certainly nostalgia: I have memories trading off at a friend’s house on the road to Snowhead before my parents let us have console games. But there’s more to it than that.

(Content warnings for discussion of Recent Events as well as minor spoilers for Majora’s Mask).

Keyboard Pants

A year and a half ago, I left Apple, which among other things gave me a lot more time for personal projects. In particular, last March I put a tremendous amount of effort into getting Swift running on Mac OS 9. Which made me happy and proud, but which also had an extremely deleterious effect on my body. And I didn’t really get the message, but continued stressing myself into April and May, and as a consequence, I now have chronic RSI: repetitive strain injury.


Pounding on my door. I was sleeping, dang it. My flatmate H paces up and down the hall, shouting something and banging on my door and S’s. S’s girlfriend C is over too.

I get up and stumble to the door. It’s still nighttime—“What’s going on?”

“There’s a fire next door,” H repeats. “Our neighbors are evacuating.”

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