NaCreSoMo Afterword

Another month, another “thing-a-day” challenge. I did manage to post something every day, though of varying quality. This year’s NaCreSoMo definitely felt different from last year’s—I have an impression of separate “tracks”.

A State Machine Simulator

This is it: the last day of NaCreSoMo 2014 and the finale of the CS mini-tutorial. We learned how to build a lexer. We learned what a state machine is, and how they are used to match or classify text. And we built a parser, using our lexer, that understands a language that describes state machines.

Today we’re going to go all the way: actually simulating a state machine. You can also just skip to the fun part: playing with the completed simulator.

NaCreSoMo "CubeQuest" & Pompeii/Daughter

As the penultimate day of this year’s NaCreSoMo, I’ve made a short scavenger hunt / quiz challenge in the spirit of Dropquest. To answer the questions, you’ll have to go look at posts by other NaCreSoMo participants!

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