The Glade

I’ve been low-key working on “Okay, You Two” and on “Morning Glory” for the last few days, and I also wrote a programming blog post and went to see The Death of Stalin (review forthcoming). That’s all been good, but hasn’t really produced anything post-worthy for NaCreSoMo. So today I’m sharing a story I wrote back in college, called “The Glade”.

Read “The Glade” here.

"Morning Glory": Prologue

“Why am I here?”

The young man looked at his hands, then pressed them to his face. Then his stomach.

“That is for you to answer,” came the reply from the woman seated across from him.

The man looked around for the first time. The two of them were in a dark room, with a single light providing a circle of illumination on a white marble floor. There was only one chair, in which the unfamiliar woman all but lounged as she gazed at him with a superior smile. On the ground between them was something that looked like a…

"Morning Glory": Building a Mystery

I mentioned on Tuesday that I brought the start of Morning Glory to my writing group, and that they generally seemed positive about it. One fellow writer asked what it’s like to write a mystery—whether I plan the whole thing out, or what. Surely I have to know the culprit the whole way through, right?

(Yes, the post title is a reference to that Sarah McLachlan song.)