"Better Than This" (Waitress fansong)

I saw Waitress for the first time last April, the hit musical about, uh, flawed relationships and unwanted pregnancy, with upbeat, poppy music by Sara Bareilles. At the time, one of my biggest…not complaints, exactly, but something…was that it was never explicitly acknowledged how crappy the men that both Jenna (the main character) and her coworker/friend Dawn have relationships with.

So I wrote this. I wrote it the next day, actually, but never got around to recording it until January, and didn’t finishing editing it together until now. Here’s a demo of “Better Than This”, to be performed by Jenna’s other coworker/friend Becky.

"Red Planet Nocturne" (sad piano)

If you play anything in minor on the higher octaves of a piano, it sounds bittersweet. Especially if you’ve been reading Steins;Gate, where they have multiple piano arrangements of the main theme that they use for bittersweet moments.

"Mirror Mirror"

Melancholy piano/vocal cover/rewrite for y’all.