A Postcard from the Pleiades

Hello, Earth, good to see you
You’re looking well today
Greenhouse gasses fairly low
Sorry for the time delay

Everything’s good on my end
My cold has gone away
I think I’m gonna stay another year

I’ll be home before you know it.

Hello, friends, hello, family
You know I miss you all
I still feel like I just left
And I wish that I could call

But I’ve found I have a home here
Everyone’s nice to me
It’s good to get away sometimes
And get the chance to see what really matters

Sometimes we forget…

A Reasonable Title

An intriguing first line opener
A promise of mischief and mirth
An abstract observation
Of dubious philosophical worth

But what if I then ask a question?
(Still keeping all of the prosody timed)
I can then go off on a tangent
End the stanza with an awkward rhyme

Continue the thoughts I’ve unfolded
An old obscure reference or three
Wrap up with some sort of conclusion
And call it all “poetry”.

When writing a poem for an acquaintance or friend
All that really matters is the couplet at the end.

Comments about the poem. Egotistical insights.

Part of Poem-a-day 2012…

are you sure shel sells sea shells by the shore?

Shel sells sea shells by the sea shore
She should sell shells by the scale or the score
And Shel’s slitted sheet on which she sits
Has shelved Shel’s plans as she sees fit.

Poor Peter Piper’s peck of pickled peppers
Per Peter’s pleated paper, picked for practiced stair-steppers
Perished by the plateful, plucked and polished off sans spice
When the purple people eaters purchased plenty at half price.

And all the chucked wood Chuck’s woodchucks would chuck
Though cheap and chippy choppers, he soon came up without luck
And in sudden quick stampede they unimpeded smashed the stock