Psycho-Pass 22: "Perfect World"

Kogami glares at Makishima.

Psycho-Pass 21: "Blood-Stained Reward"

In contrast to Episode 20, this one’s all about racing to stop Makishima’s Evil Plot. That’s why there’s a bunch of negotiation between Tsunemori and Kogami in the middle of it, while Makishima sits there reading a book.


Psycho-Pass 20: "Where Justice Lies"

Back! As predicted, my progress through these last few episodes has slowed down drastically due to theater. But that’s okay, because Makishima can’t even bother to tuck in his shirt properly before murdering a guy.

(Makishima glances at the books on the retired biologist's shelf. His shirt is only partly tucked in.)

That’s right, I said it.