"It was him or us"

Ruby wrestles with guilt after RNJR’s fight with Tyrian.

Yet more RWBY fanfiction, a vignette about yet another thing the show didn’t touch upon. Spoilers through V4E8.

"Not All Yet Mended"

Yang was accidentally a jerk towards Jaune. Blake goes to talk to him.

I wrote some more RWBY fanfiction, based on another writer’s fanfic. Spoilers through Volume 5.

"In Our Eyes" (RWBY fansong)

Last year I was really into RWBY, an animated web series I’ve described as “a show about a magical girl combat college (there are boys there too)”. Part of my draw was a strong idea for a fanfiction story about the main characters’ parents, of which we’ve only gotten intriguing hints in canon. (I did end up writing this story; it’s called “Don’t Be Expecting Some Kind Of Happy Ending”.)