"My Naym is Sam"

My naym is Sam
I haf a treet
A plat of food
Thats goode to eat

So on a boate
Or with a ramm
O wud you lik
Green eggs and ham?


zsh Seuss

Did a lot of things besides NaCreSoMo today, but that’s okay. A Twitter conversation turned into an opportunity to write some anapestic tetrameter about zsh, a program to, um, run other programs. (That’s basically what shells do, other programmers…right?)

You can use it in SF, in Tino, in Berk
Complete literally nothing and it may Just Work
For your terminal needs, there’s a shell with a Z!
It’s the last one you’ll need (alphabetically).

And two others added on their own verses:

It’s got tabbing, and colors, and widgets, and such
It’s backwards compatible with sh, bash, and ksh!…

Berkeley Triangle Man

Have you e’er seen the Triangle Man?
He’s strong to lift what no one can
He’ll lift a weight to high from low
He’ll lift your grades to 4.0

To seek him out then trek uphill
Go East and South, thou always will
Search beneath the blue and gold
And find him in the quad of Boalt

No mortal he like you and me
His torso’s quite a sight to see
Found a way for strong and spry
Now a legend—just some guy

For who among you all would know
That Shapely Man before he’d go
Depart from campus, home,…