Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks

This is a bit belated, since the first season of Lower Decks came out in 2020, but I’ve only just recently gotten around to seeing it. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would like it, between the disappointment that was Discovery’s first and second seasons and my growing distaste for mainstream slapstick/“edgy” cartoon humor. (I never got around to seeing Rick and Morty.)

But it turns out Lower Decks is fun. It’s not unseating Deep Space Nine and Next Generation as my two favorite Treks, but it’s not trying to. It’s just being fun-to-watch, with lots of references to…

Re: Discovery

My flatmate and I finished the second season of Star Trek: Discovery a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d post an update to my previous post, the somewhat tongue-in-cheek “Things I Hate About Discovery. TLDR: As I said last time, if Season 1 was Battlestar Galactica in Star Trek livery, Season 2 is Doctor Who with a bit of Star Wars mixed in. And I still don’t like it.

(spoilers throughout)

Things I Hate About Discovery

A few people expressed surprise that I disliked the first season of Star Trek: Discovery—or, as I’d been calling it, Battlestar Discovery. So in light of the first episode of season 2 (which, by the way, is more of a Doctor Who plot with Star Wars execution), here’s a rant some thoughts on why I didn’t like the first one.

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