Soul. Sole. Seoul.

(that’s 서울)

This is it: I’m flying home
Experiment to end
San Francisco via Seoul
To be that self again

Alone I struggle off the plane
And bus to my hotel
Carry my whole life uphill
And hope that I sleep well

시장에 I walk next morn
For gifts for those back home
The pancake in my hand still warm
While I through city roam

The subway beats a steady pulse
Heading outwards—gone
My pedals trace a circle full
Along the river Han

These homeless months, these not quite six
They haven’t changed my life
I’ve seen my share of…

Musings from Europe

  • Air conditioning in Europe is generally set warmer than it is here. Most of the time that’s a good thing. On the other hand, many buildings (including two of the three hotels we stayed in) don’t bother to have it at all.
  • Similarly, summer rain is sudden and heavy. Apparently this is an “anywhere besides California” thing, though.”
  • Unexpected interesting episode: we went to hear an organ concert in the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. It was hot and stifling and everyone was falling asleep, and the space was actually too big (the notes ended up a little slurry). But…

Oh, Canada...

As some of you may know, I just got back from a week-long family trip to Alberta. We were in the Calgary area, checking out the dinosaurs and the living wildlife (animaux savauge). So, here’s a little trip summary. Pictures upon request

Flight not bad, but it turns out in Canada, there’s no place to eat open at 10:00 at night! Maybe, maybe in Calgary, the only city we ever saw, but not in the industrial district Airdrie. We ended up getting pizza. At least it was Canadian pizza.

Day 1 in Canada! We drove up east of…

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