"All I'm Made Up Of"

Anthy, in a moment between Duelist cycles.

I wrote some more Utena fanfiction. (Note: spoilers)

Sarazanmai 2: "...But I Want To Take"

We’re back with the second episode of Sarazanmai: “I Want to Connect, but I Want to Take”. New episodes seem to be coming out on Saturdays, so I might catch up this weekend, or I might take another week.

Sarazanmai 1: "...But I Want To Lie"

Ikuhara Kunihiko, the guy who made Revolutionary Girl Utena (well, half the team) is known for being generally bizarre, putting way too much symbolism in his shows, and then adding a topping of unhealthy sexual content, and wow I didn’t even do that one on purpose.

Anyway, he has a new show, called Sarazanmai, and unlike Utena it gets to all of that in the first episode. So, uh, content warning for this entire blog series! I’ll be more specific for individual episodes, but for now you should read the Wikipedia article on kappa and decide if you want to proceed.