Landsailor” isn’t my favorite Vienna Teng song.

Musically, it’s pretty simple, especially compared to some of her other work. There’s some clever lyrical twists—actually, there’s a whole pile of metaphors and allusions, which I appreciate—but again, no more than I’d expect from her. Compared to what seemed like shocking variety on the rest of the album, her first in years, “Landsailor” felt forgettable.

"Bois Riche"

First foray into chiptune / “8-bit” style! I think it’s all the Undertale music I’ve been listening to lately. This is from the musical The Fourth Messenger.

What's in a Name?

Yesterday’s story for NaCreSoMo featured a version of me as the main character, and was told in third person. As I mentioned then, that’s already a weird situation for me, but there was one complication in particular that went beyond the usual: was the character “Jordan” or “Jordy”?