My 30GB iPod Shuffle

So, the past week has been pretty draining, and unfortunately I imagine they’ll stay that way until Guys & Dolls is actually performed. *sigh*

First off is what I’m calling my 30GB iPod Shuffle. The screen is totally non-functional, though I’m still navigating to certain playlists by memory (still think I’m not crazy?) The battery seems to drain faster, though that’s probably just because I can’t set it to sleep mode at night. I’ve seen a few places that’ll replace the screen, but I’m a bit worried that the problems may go deeper than that now, partially because of the lines on the screen (as opposed to the BIG FREAKING HOLE). The problems might also be from me, um, hitting the iPod to reset the screen, back when that actually helped. There’s a bit of irony in the fact that an iPod’s icon in OS X has a slashed circle across the screen.

Guys & Dolls rehearsal is going pretty well but it’s freaking exhausting, and I’ve had to mostly give up a bunch of after-school activities. Which I did know going in. Oh well, JETS will be done by March. I just have to make it past the squeeze point of the first week after break.

Speaking of break, I’ve got an essay to write on Crime and Punishment. Which of course I haven’t finished yet (we’re not supposed to have finished it until Friday, really, I think). And like probably everyone else I haven’t chosen a critical essay to base my paper on, but I probably should. But the book is pretty good; it’s really picking up. I guess I’ve changed; I found myself cheering inside for Razumikhin when he at last had an opportunity with Dunia. What a place for a love story.

Speaking of break, I’ve got the Berkeley speech competition to think about on Saturday and Sunday. Well, it was really fun last year and we’ll see how I do in Impromptu this time. And this weekend was the Stanford tournament and I have no idea how anyone else did. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow or at worst Tuesday.

On Thursday we practiced, then I went to the Japanese classroom to help make musubi for Clubs’ Day. I thought we were on call, but eventually Ken showed up and said we weren’t (apparently the vocal teacher wasn’t there again). I ended up staying an extra half-hour or so talking to Kawano-sensei, Stephanie, and Kevin (and Kevin V. showed up later too), but I think I needed the break.

Tino-Net made a grand total profit of $2 from Clubs’ Day.

And, on Friday we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday. It was actually pretty fun, and we went to this restaurant called Terragon (sp?) which had some really good food. (I had Kobe beef pot roast…mmmmm….) Then we came back and had this three-layered (store-bought) white cake with chocolate frosting and white chocolate icing, and we just talked all the way until 11:30…yeah sometimes my grandparents (and parents) are pretty interesting people.

My dad starts his job at A9 tomorrow, my mom turns in her first full draft (I think) of her master’s thesis.

So, to close off this post, Valentine’s Day is coming up (this Wednesday), and that means serenades! We’ve got it all figured out now, so be prepared for a day of humerous interruptions in every class. *salutes* And if you get one…*evil grin*

P.S. It looks like my iPhone joke was one-upped…take a look. (Update: link broken, but the image is also on Flickr)